Our Brands : Spring Energy

Our Brands : Spring Energy

As someone who's always been a natural food junkie, I never relied on energy concoctions. On a long run, I was happy with two apples between aid stations, peanut butter bread, soup, or some hot chips. I believed that fitness, even extreme fitness, should be a way of life, not a result of extreme training bouts, tonics, or outlandish diets. I found value in plain peanut butter bread, boiled potatoes, and the joy of a canister of coffee or sweet mountain water. Nothing was going to change my mind.

It was only by chance that another friend and professional athlete introduced me to Spring Energy gel. At this point, I had accepted that not everyone, especially professional athletes, was like me, and the use of energy-boosting foods was a necessity. I was also just introduced to a no-sugar diet and its obvious benefits. I eventually succumbed to using chocolate as my weapon of choice in challenging situations.

Spring Energy gels are different. Its ingredients have no fancy words; it literally reads like a recipe. It's genuinely an all-natural product compressed into a tiny, weightless, litterless, and recyclable plastic sleeve. When the plastic is torn open, a simple design ensures that the entire packaging stays together. It's smart.

So, off I went into the vastness with only a few tiny plastic sachets, a world away from a bag of boiled potatoes and four slices of bread. Each gel told me exactly how many calories I was getting, and the flavor description was extremely accurate. I am a five-a-day coffee addict, and the Koffee flavor was spot on.

Without ever experiencing a cramp or a bloated tummy from unnatural or unfamiliar nourishment, Spring Energy ended up on my shelf. It has the highest return buyer rate, not only because it's a perishable product but also because those who choose it learn the same lesson I did. There really is no comparison.

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